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Responsible for the service Regional State Administrative Agency

Convening a meeting of an organisation

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) can entitle a meeting of an organisation to be convened if the rules regarding the convening are neglected.

General meeting of a limited liability company and a housing company

In a limited liability company or a housing company, the Agency shall entitle the applicant to convene a meeting at the company’s expense when, contrary to the law, the artic ...

Do the following

You can apply for an entitlement to convene a meeting of an organisation and to oblige the board of directors of an association to convene a meeting by submitting a written application in free form.

The following documents must be attached to the application:

  • a copy of the extract from the register (not older than 3 months)
  • a copy of the valid articles of association or rules of the organisation
  • description of the applicant’s right to submit the application (for example a share register or list of members)
  • the name and address information of the chairperson of the board of the organisation if such information cannot be found in the extract from the register
  • a copy of a demand to convene a meeting delivered to the board of directors (a meeting demanded by a minority of the shareholders or members on the basis of Section 4 of Chapter 5 of the Companies Act, Section 4(2) of Chapter 4 of the Housing Companies Act, Section 17 of the Right-of-Occupancy Associations Act and Section 20(2) of the Associations Act)
  • description of the transfer of the apartments (meeting of purchasers of shares in accordance with Section 20 of the Housing Transactions Act)
  • applicant’s contact information
  • proxy of a representative, if any.

To whom and on what terms

The application and a demonstration showing that a meeting has not been convened although it should had been convened under the law or other provision.

Processing time

Approximately 3 months.

The service is provided by

Regional State Administrative Agency

Responsible for the service

Regional State Administrative Agency
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Updated: 9/9/2020