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Contraception clinic

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The Contraception Clinic provides contraceptive services to Turku residents under 25 years of age. Older clients may attend the clinic with a referral from a doctor, public health nurse or social worker.

The clinic also provides:

• postnatal check-ups when an IUD or a contraceptive implant is used,• assistance to clients of all ages seeking abortion,• assistance to clients seeking sterilisation,• free emergency contraceptive pills to clients under the age of 18. Older clients may purchase the pill from a pharmacy without visiting the Contraception Clinic.

Those wishing to use the services of the Contraception Clinic must have a need for contraception.

Contraceptive counselling is free of charge. Clients who require a doctor’s appointment for medical treatment are charged a health centre fee, and clients who miss an appointment without cancelling it first will be charged a missed appointment fee.

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for Turku citizens

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Responsible for the serviceCity of Turku
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Updated: 16/2/2022