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Confirmation of Child Support

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The parents can also agree on the amount of child support by themselves, either orally or in writing. For the agreement to be enforceable, it has to be drawn up in writing using the form verified by the Finnish Ministry of Justice. A child supervisor verifies the agreement. If the parents are unable to reach an agreement on the child’s support, they can also take the matter to a court of law and ask for a decision made by the district court.

The parents are to negotiate the amount of child support at a child supervisor’s office. The Ministry of Justice has published instructions on how to calculate the amount of child support (available in Finnish). The guide is to be used as a recommendation only, acting as a base for discussion. The amount of support paid is related to respective parents’ financial status, and the child’s need for support. When determining the amount, the parents are to bring with them and present the following documents clarifying their financial status.

Required documents:

  • your most recently finalized tax certificate
  • a play slip or other income certificate
  • certificate of eventual other income (e.g. allowances paid by KELA)
  • certificate of living expenses and other factors affecting your financial standing
  • certificates of the child’s expenses (day care fees, insurance, hobbies etc.)

The amount of child maintenance can be estimated roughly with the help of a maintenance support calculator.

If the parents are unable to reach an agreement on a suitable amount of child maintenance, it is possible to take the matter to a district court.

A parent’s responsibility to provide support for the child may be extended also after the child reaches the age of majority, if the child is attending further studies after comprehensive school and support is deemed appropriate. It is possible to draw up an agreement on support paid for the child’s studies at the child supervisor’s office.

The amount of child maintenance is linked with the overall Consumer Price Index (CPI). The index is reviewed annually at the turn of the year.

Do the following

Please contact the Eastern Uusimaa Region Family Rights Unit, either by phone during the telephone hours, or by email.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

Background information

When the parents of a child aged under 18 years are divorced, they can agree upon child maintenance. The agreement must be made in writing and submitted to the child supervisor in the child's home municipality. If the child does not live in Finland, the agreement is confirmed in the home municipality of the person obliged to pay maintenance. The municipal child welfare supervisor provides advice and assistance in this matter.

Child maintenance can also be confirmed by a court decision. The confirmed amount of child maintenance may be amended if there is an essential change in the circumstances.

If the maintenance amount is very low or if the person obliged to pay is unable to pay it, the child's maintenance is supported by child maintenance allowance paid by Kela. This allowance must be applied for separately.

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