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Company’s obligation compliance report

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Business Information System’s (BIS) information service provides specified authorities with an obligation compliance report for a company or community. Obligation compliance report is a timely summary of the most important information provided by the company to the authorities. Obligation compliance reports are prepared by the Grey Economy Information Unit. The reports help authorities to target and implement control measures.

The report contains information on operations, finances and the compliance of obligations related to taxes and statutory pension, accident and unemployment insurance contributions and customs duties.

Do the following

Only defined authorities can view information on obligation compliance reports. The authority must use strong authentication ( identification) in the information service of the Business Information System.

To whom and on what terms

Information on the company's obligation compliance report is requested by an authority representative who has a authorisation service’s mandate code issued by the Tax Administration in a specified official organisation: Requesting obligation compliance report.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

The service is provided byFinnish Tax Administration
Responsible for the serviceFinnish Tax Administration
Area Whole Finland
Available languageFinnish
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Updated: 11/2/2021