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Child welfare substitute care

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Child welfare substitute care organises the care and upbringing of the child who has been placed in substitute care outside of the home.

The support services of the non-institutional care are primary. If they are not appropriate, possible or sufficient for the child, the child must be placed in substitute care outside the home. Substitution is the last measure to ensure the growth and development ...

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As part of being a client of child welfare, the need for substitute care will be assessed. Contact your social worker or the child welfare of your municipality of residence regarding substitute care matters.

To whom and on what terms

If necessary, the social worker responsible for the child's affairs prepares the transition to substitute care. When selecting suitable substitute care, the needs of the child and the family will be taken into account. Substitute care ensures that children will be taken care of if it is not possible in their families.

Background information

Child welfare foster care refers to the arrangement of the care and upbringing of a child who has been taken into care outside their home.

The purpose of foster care is to safeguard the balanced development and wellbeing of the child. Foster care can be provided as family care, in an institution or otherwise in accordance with the child’s needs. When organising foster care, the child’s opinion must be taken into account whenever possible. The child also has the right to contact their parents and other people close to them during their foster care. This right may only be restricted if it will jeopardise the realisation of the purpose of the foster care or otherwise prove harmful to the child.

In exceptional cases, a child who has been taken into foster care can also be placed with their parent or other guardian for a maximum period of six months, for example when preparing for their return home after their foster care.

The wellbeing services county that placed the child is responsible for the organisation and costs of the foster care. In practice, this is usually the wellbeing services county where the child’s municipality of residence is located.

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The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland
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