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Child health clinic

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The services of the child health clinic are available to all families from the time the child is two weeks old until the child begins school.

In addition to health checks and vaccinations, the clinic’s services focus on helping the family find its own resources and providing support for family life.

During the child’s first year of life, there are about 10 visits to the child health clinic for appointments with the clinic’s nurse or doctor. This is followed by about one appointment a year until the child starts school.

The nurse at the maternity clinic refers a family with a newborn child to a nurse at the child health clinic. If you have children under school age, you can contact the child health clinic yourself.

Background information

Children under school-age are entitled to use the child welfare clinic services. During a baby's first year, the clinic is usually visited once a month, and after this, once a year or as required. All children receive at least 15 health checks.

The child welfare clinic monitors the child’s health, growth and development. The child welfare clinic supports both parents in bringing up the child and looking after the child’s health and well-being. At the clinic, children receive vaccinations according to the national vaccination programme. A child's oral health is monitored at least every two years.

The child welfare clinic aims to identify as early as possible what level of support the child and their family require. The child and the family will be offered other support they may need, for example, early childhood education, social and substance abuse services or child protection. If a child or a family needs special support, or the child's development requires additional research or treatment, the child welfare clinic directs them to the right service.

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