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Cable, line and pipe installation permit

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

You will always need the permission of the road maintenance authority to place cables, lines and pipes in a highway traffic area, as well as for maintaining them. Depending on the situation, the required permit is an installation permit or a works permit.

In certain situations, you can submit a notification of the placement of electrical and telecommunications cables and lines instead of an appl ...

Do the following

Use the e-service primarily.

Signing into the service requires strong authentication. You will need either a bank ID, a mobile certificate or a certificate card

In the e-service, you can apply for an installation permit for placing electrical and telecommunications cables and overhead lines as well as district heating lines and natural gas pipelines in highway traffic areas and a work permit for working in the traffic area.

If you supplement your application later, email the supplementary information to: Enter the application’s service ID number, file number (PIRELY/xx/20xx) or the name of the permit applicant, the work site’s municipality and road number in the subject field of the email.

If you apply for an installation permit and cannot use the e-service, you can use printable forms. Irrespective of the location, submit the application form to the registry of the Pirkanmaa ELY Centre (P.O. Box 297, 33101 Tampere). When using this application method, a separate processing fee is charged in addition to the actual permit fee.

If you submit a notification in accordance with the notification procedure, you must use the e-service. Please note that the notification cannot be supplemented afterwards.


You must not start work that is subject to a permit before receiving a positive decision. More detailed conditions are specified in the permit decision.

Processing time

Check the average processing time on the ELY Centre website. An incomplete application, missing appendices or preliminary analyses will slow down the processing of the application.

Period of validity

The period of validity of the permit decision is permit-specific and announced in the decision. The notification is valid for one year after it enters into force, that is, the date for starting work that is mentioned in the notification. If the work cannot be completed within one year, you must submit a new notification.

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Updated: 26/1/2023