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Do you need support for growing and developing your business? We will work with you to analyse the current situation, goals and needs of your business. We will find different ways of supporting your business's development and growth and refer you to a development service that meets its needs.

The municipality of Sipoo provides services for entrepreneurs and people wishing to start their own business. The services are organized and carried out in cooperation with Central Uusimaa Business Development Centre (Keuke).

In Keuke, you will get counselling for example with the following themes:

  • How to set up a business (financial matters, support for entrepreneurs)
  • Business development (e ...

Do the following

Keuke is a local development company that helps companies in Central Uusimaa. Visit Keuke’s website to find out more.

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The Municipality of Sipoo

Responsible for the service

The Municipality of Sipoo
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Updated: 16/8/2021