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The Building Supervision Archive stores permit decisions with their annexes, approved main drawings, special plans and other documents related to approved construction projects. In addition, the Archive contains documents related to supervision of construction work, such as final inspection reports.

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The digitised main drawing material of the Building Supervision Archive is available from the online Tapsa service.

Drawings of the permits defined as confidential under the Act of Openness are not available through the Tapsa service. The Tapsa service also excludes drawings of buildings used by rescue, social and health services, and education.

If the need for information concerns the main drawings other than those in the Tapsa service, the desired documents can be requested for viewing at the Tampere Service Point. The document request is made by using an electronic form.

For further information, visit Tampere Building Supervision website.

Background information

Building supervision documents are public and anybody can view them. Municipalities must archive all documents deemed necessary for archiving. Municipalities keep in building supervision archives designs, technical drawings and blueprints produced for building and action permit processes. The same applies to documents concerning such matters as structural and ventilation work. Many towns have an online shop where you can find these drawings and data.

The building designer has the copyright to the design, as laid down in the Copyright Act.

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Updated: 14/4/2022