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Building Control Services, archive services

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The Building Control Services files building permit decisions, approved main drawings, submitted special drawings and other documentation. Drawings and other approval documents of buildings built in Helsinki can be found in the services' archives. Drawing copies can be purchased from the archives and also through electronic service Lupapiste Kauppa.

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Background information

Building supervision documents are public and anybody can view them. Municipalities must archive all documents deemed necessary for archiving. Municipalities keep in building supervision archives designs, technical drawings and blueprints produced for building and action permit processes. The same applies to documents concerning such matters as structural and ventilation work. Many towns have an online shop where you can find these drawings and data.

The building designer has the copyright to the design, as laid down in the Copyright Act.

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City of Helsinki

Responsible for the service

Urban Environment Division, City of Helsinki
Text edited by: Urban Environment Division, City of Helsinki
Updated: 25/3/2023