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Basic education

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Basic education refers to the general education for children between 7 and 16 years of age. It consists of year levels 1–9. Basic education is free of charge and aims to prepare and qualify students for secondary education. Further goals and the contents of basic education are defined in the curriculum.

In Turku, basic education is available in Finnish, Swedish and English in city-owned schools. In addition to the schools owned by the City of Turku, there are privately owned schools in the area.

A student’s home address determines which school they will attend.

To whom and on what terms

For pupils from the 1st to 9th grade. For foreign-born children living in Finland and Finnish children returning to Finland.

Basic information

The service is provided byCity of Turku
Responsible for the serviceCity of Turku
Area Turku
Available languagesEnglish, Finnish, Swedish
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Updated: 21/1/2022