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Assistive equipment services

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Appropriate assistive equipment supports your coping and ability to function in your everyday activities. Assistive equipment is lent based on individual needs either for short-term or long-term use. The assistive equipment is returnable, i.e. recyclable or individually manufactured for you. Individually manufactured assistive equipment can be acquired as a purchased service from various service p ...

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The usual assistive equipment for mobility and everyday activities (e.g. walkers, shower chairs, toilet seat raises) can be borrowed from assistive equipment units. It is also possible to act on behalf of a close relative or family member. You always need an appointment for borrowing assistive equipment that requires an individual assessment (e.g. person lifts, beds and assistive equipment for personal mobility such as active wheelchairs).

In order to assess your need for assistive equipment, we can refer you to a broader assessment of your ability to function carried out by health care professionals, if necessary.

The assistive equipment services are responsible for the maintenance and repair of assistive equipment. The user of the assistive equipment is responsible for the condition and operation of the equipment, such as its cleanliness and tyre pressure, as well as for its proper use and storage. If you have problems, contact the assistive equipment services in your area.

The assistive equipment must be returned as soon as the user no longer needs it or when the conditions set according to the provider’s discretion for granting the assistive equipment have substantially changed, or when the assistive equipment has become unusable.

On the basis of the Tort Liability Act (412/1974), the user of the assistive equipment can be obliged to pay damages for the negligent or non-compliant user or storage of the assistive equipment. The obligation to pay damages also applies if the assistive equipment is not returned.

When moving from a municipality or switching to a health centre in another municipality, contact your assistive equipment unit.

The assistive equipment services are free-of-charge to clients.

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Updated: 7/6/2024