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Assistant services and aids

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Pupils are entitled to necessary interpretation and assistant services for schoolwork, other teaching and student welfare services, and special school aids, free of charge.

The purpose of assistance is to secure the prerequisites for learning and going to school, accessibility and opportunities to interact with others.

The teacher evaluates and plans the needs and uses of services and aids ...

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To whom and on what terms

The teacher or the school principal can provide more information on requesting support services or aids. The decisions on services and aids are made by the Student Services Manager for preschools and comprehensive schools.

Background information

A pupil who is disabled or needs support for some other reason is entitled to free interpretation and assistance services. The purpose of these services is to guarantee the pupil the basic preconditions for learning and school attendance and a learning environment that is as accessible as possible.

The aids may include individual learning and teaching materials, technical devices, classroom furniture as well as ramps, hand rails and elevators in the school building to make the learning enviroment more accessible.

The school is responsible for the practical arrangements.

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Updated: 4/6/2023