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Responsible for the service Regional State Administrative Agency

Approval for providing private non-24-hour social services

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

Non-24-hour social services may be provided if the service activities meet the set operational requirements. The notification shall be submitted to the municipality in which the services are provided. After the notification has been submitted, the AVI provides a decision on the approval of the service provision.

The social services provided support the functional capacity and independent living o ...

Do the following

Notify the municipality’s social welfare authority before starting the operation. If the services are provided within several municipalities, notify each municipality. Submit the notification and the required appendices using the separate form.

If the services are provided in separate facilities, append the fire authority’s statement to the form. If food is served in the facilities, the environmental health care authority’s statement is also required.

The municipality’s social welfare authority reviews the form, visits the facilities, provides a statement and submits the documents to the AVI for registration. The municipality provides a reception certificate when all required information and appendices have been provided. The certificate states the processing time of the registration.

The AVI reviews the notification form, makes a registration decision, submits the decision to the service provider and records the information in the register of private social welfare service providers (Valveri service). You have the right to appeal the decision if you are unsatisfied with it.

If you provide home service support services (e.g. meal, clothing care, cleaning, transport, escort or social interaction services) or other similar services (e.g. personal assistance in accordance with the Disability Services Act, 380/1987), the notification form is processed by the municipality. The municipality provides a written decision on the approval.

Append the following to the form:

  1. a valid Trade Register extract or a copy of the business registration certificate
  2. a copy of the articles of association, partnership agreement or company statute if the applicant is a company, other organisation or a foundation
  3. operating plan
  4. a statement of the municipality’s social welfare body or a public servant appointed by it (the social welfare body appends the form to the statement and submits the documents to the AVI)
  5. a copy of the responsible person’s diplomas and a report on their work experience
  6. the file description of the customer register.

If the services are provided at a facility, submit also the following:

  1. the facility’s blueprint and an operating plan
  2. an emergency plan and an evacuation safety report
  3. the rescue authority’s statement
  4. the health protection authority’s statement (if meal services are provided).

If required, the register authority will request further statements (e.g. pharmacotherapy plan).

To whom and on what terms

Prerequisites for the approval of the service provision activities include that

  • the service meets the set operational requirements
  • a responsible person who has completed an applicable degree has been appointed for the service and
  • the personnel providing the services have completed an applicable training.

If the services require the use of facilities, the facilities shall meet the requirements for health-related and other conditions, and they shall be appropriate for their purpose of use. The necessary equipment shall be appropriate, and the personnel shall consist of a sufficient number of persons. As a service producer, you are responsible for ensuring that the service entity meets its requirements. If the person responsible for the provision of services changes or in the event of a significant operational change, submit a written notification to the municipality’s social welfare authority in advance. The social welfare authority reports the matter to the AVI.


Submit the notification on the provision of services well in advance before starting the operation or before any significant operational change takes place.

Processing time

The total processing time is a sum of the municipality’s and the AVI’s processing times. At the AVI, the processing time is approximately two months.

Period of validity

The service provider’s information is kept in the register until further notice. The information concerning the person acting as the provider of social services, the person responsible for the social services, the person responsible for keeping the register and the data protection officer will be removed from the register five years after the registered operator has ceased its operation.

The service is provided by

Regional State Administrative Agency

Responsible for the service

Regional State Administrative Agency
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Updated: 8/9/2020