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Approval as a guard.

  • Professional qualification
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

A guard is a person who performs guard duties in the service of the holder of a security sector business licence. However, a person applying for a guard licence does not need to be working for a holder of a security sector business licence. Should the requirements be met, the licence must be granted to all applicants.

Guard duties include, for example, guarding property, protecting a person, detecting and preventing crimes against the property or the client, bodyguard duties, transport of valuables, and dispatch duties performed from a unit maintained by a private security company.

The police department grants the guard licences.

Do the following

You can submit an application for the guard licence at the police e-service. However, the applicant must visit the police department in person if this is necessary for a specific reason. The application can also be made in person at a police station or at a police service point.

The following must be attached to the application:

- A report (copy of the certificate) on the satisfactory completion of basic guard training (a minimum of 120 lessons - temporary guard training comprising a minimum of 40 lessons forms a component of guard training)

- A report (copy of the certificate) on the satisfactory completion of user training on forcible means equipment, and the obedience test for any dog that will accompany the guard during assignments (if performed at the time of first approval; otherwise, include a duplicate in the application)

- A photograph of the applicant that meets the requirements of the provisions of the Passports Act

For more information on becoming a guard, changing details for a guard application, obtaining a duplicate guard licence, and details on training requirements and approvals, see the police website.

To whom and on what terms

A guard licence may be granted to a person who is at least 18 but no more than 68 years old, honest and reliable, and otherwise suitable for the job. Furthermore, to obtain the licence, the applicant must have satisfactorily completed the basic guard training.

A fee is charged for the service.

The fee is based on a decree of the Ministry of the Interior on the payment for police services. The decree is periodically updated.

Period of validity

Guard licences are valid for a maximum of five years.

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