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Appointments with doctors and nurses

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Contact our health care services if you need an urgent or routine doctor’s or nurse´s appointment. Your care begins at the point of your first contact with us. After we have made an assesment of your health situation, we will refer you to a doctor, a nurse or a physiotherapist according to your needs.

If necessary, we will assign you a Care Coordinator, who works in close cooperation with a mu ...

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Our health centres are open between 8 am and 4 pm from Monday to Friday. Please only seek urgent medical attention out of hours if it cannot be postponed without exacerbating your illness or injury. In an emergency, such as if you experience severe chest pain, sudden difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, paralysis or a seizure, always call 112.

We would prefer you to use our online consultation service whenever you can. If not, you can call us. Please only come to the health centres without an appointment if you need help urgently and cannot get in contact with us otherwise.

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Background information

Nurses give health advice, wound care and vaccinations and remove stitches, etc. If necessary, the nurse can refer the patient to a doctor.

Non-urgent treatment must be provided within a set period. During business hours, patients must be able to contact a health and social services centre immediately by telephone or visiting the centre. Calls are returned without delay, usually on the same day.

The need for treatment may be initially assessed already on the phone but always during the same day. The necessary treatment must be organised within a reasonable time which means within 14 days.

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