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Applying for right-of-occupancy housing

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Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa have formed a joint application area since the beginning of the system. Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Kirkkonummi, Nurmijärvi, Mäntsälä, Sipoo, Tuusula and Vihti joined the application area on 1 January 2015. Kerava joined the application area on 1 January 2016 and Porvoo on 1 July 2017.

Queue numbers applied for after 1 January 2015 (181630 or higher) can be used to apply for a dwelling in any municipality in the joint application area. Any queue number applied for before the joint application area system is only valid in the municipality or application area where it was applied for.

Once you have received your queue number, explore the companies owning right-of-occupancy dwellings and apply for them on the companies’ websites. You must submit a separate housing application for each company.

Do the following

You can apply to be on the waiting list from the municipality of the area you are applying a right-of-occupancy housing from. You will receive a waiting list number. When you want to use your waiting list number to apply for a right-of-occupancy housing, direct your application directly to the owner of the right-of-occupancy housing you have selected.

Apply for or check your queue number - Sähköposti:

To whom and on what terms

An applicant for right-of-occupancy housing must be a person aged 18 or over who does not own a residence in the area that the application concerns. The applicant may also not have assets that would allow him or her to pay for at least one half of the current price of the residence the application concerns or similar. Applicants who are over 55-years-old can always apply for right-of-occupancy housing, the asset limits do not apply to them.

Service vouchers are used in the service.

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Background information

Right-of-occupancy is a form of housing where the residents control but do not own their homes. In addition to living expenses, the resident will pay a monthly right-of-occupancy fee, which will be paid back when the resident moves out. The refund will be adjusted according to changes in the building cost index. You cannot buy the right-of-occupancy housing to own. The housing must be your permanent home. You can sublet the right-of-occupancy housing for a maximum of two years. The subletting requires a special reason.

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