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Applying for production support for electricity produced with forest chips

  • Permit or other obligation
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Production support, i.e. feed-in tariff, is granted for electricity production using wind power, forest chips, biogas and wood fuel.

The purpose of the feed-in tariff is to increase the production capacity of electricity produced from renewable sources and to improve the competitiveness of forest chips compared to alternative fuels (such as coal and peat).

In the feed-in tariff system, the electricity producer whose power station has been approved in the system receives support for the eligible production of electricity as defined in the legislation on production support. The electricity producer also participates in the electricity market and receives the market price for electricity from the sales of the electricity they have produced.

The feed-in tariff system closed for new wind power stations as of 1 November 2017 and for new biogas and wood fuel plants as of 1 January 2019, which means these power stations can no longer be approved.

Power stations using forest chips can be accepted in the feed-in tariff system until 1 February 2021, when the feed-in tariff for forest chips expires.

Do the following

1 Select a verifier from the list of verifiers approved by the Energy Authority. You can find the names of approved verifiers on the Energy Authority’s website.

2 Deliver the electricity producer’s basic information form and the power station’s basic information form to the Energy Authority. Email the signed forms to

3 Use e-Authorisation to authorise one or more people as the company’s SATU user. The mandate can be found under the energy supply category and its name is Applying for renewable energy production subsidies. If the authorised person is a foreign citizen or if there is more than one signatory at the same time, the e-Authorisation cannot be used. In this case, fill in and sign a power of attorney form and post it to the Energy Authority. You can request for a power of attorney from Fill in a power of attorney form for each person you need to authorise.

4 Submit an application for approval in the SATU system.

You can find detailed instructions on the monitoring instructions.

To whom and on what terms

A power station using forest chips can be accepted in the feed-in tariff system, if:

  • it is located in Finland or in Finnish territorial waters
  • it has been connected to the power grid there
  • it fulfils the operational and financial prerequisites for electricity production

The electricity producer must fill in and submit the following to the Energy Authority

  • the producer’s basic information form
  • the power station’s basic information form for each power station

To use the SATU system, the electricity producer must authorise one or more representatives to use the system with the e-Authorisation.

A fee is charged for the service.

Basic information

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Updated: 11/1/2021