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Animal transporter competency certificate

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

You must have an animal transporter competency certificate if you transport animals and the following requirements are met:

  1. Transport is for a commercial purpose*
  2. Journeys are over 65 kilometres
  3. The species to be transported are horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs or poultry
  4. You are responsible for the welfare, care, and handling of the animals during transport.

The certificate is personal and you need it even if you are working for someone else.

  • ) Animals are being transported as part of a business or commercial activity, or the animal transportation is either directly or indirect related to financial gain. An animal transport permit is required from the transport organiser, often a company.

However, if you are involved in transporting the animals described above but another person is primarily and personally responsible for the transport, you do not need a certificate of competence. In this case, the other person must be with the animals throughout the journey and you must operate under their supervision for the entire duration.

If you are commercially transporting animal species other than those mentioned above, you do not need a certificate of competence, but you must participate in animal transporter training.

As an exception, if you are a breeder and transport your animals with your own means of transport for seasonal grazing, you do not need a certificate of competence and you do not need to participate in training. Animal transportation for grazing must be due to geographical conditions, such as transporting sheep to pastures on islands for the summer or transporting reindeer between pastures.

When transporting the above animal species, if necessary, you must be able to present the authorities with either a competence certificate or proof of training.

Do the following

  1. If necessary, find out if the transportation you are carrying out is classified as commercial either from your employer, from Evira's website or from the Regional State Administrative Agency.
  2. Find out where and when animal transport training is organised, and participate in appropriate training.
  3. Find out where and when competency tests are organised and participate in the test that includes the appropriate animal species.
  4. Send the following either by post or by e-mail to the Regional State Administrative Agency that is located in your area of residence:
  • A copy of the training certificate you received from the organiser
  • A copy of the competency test results you received from Evira
  • Completed animal transporter competency certificate application form. Remember to fill in all the entries on the application.

Wait for the Regional State Administrative Agency to issue you with an animal transporter competency certificate. You can then start transporting the animals. NB! If you transport animals as a sole trader or as part of your company operations, you also need an animal transport permit. If the journeys last for more than 8 hours, your vehicle must be approved separately.

To whom and on what terms

You will be issued with a certificate of competence if you have:

  1. Attended the training for animal transport for the above mentioned species, and
  2. Passed a competency test organised by Evira.

In addition, some equine qualifications include both animal transport training and competency testing. If you have a recent basic degree in horse management, or a professional qualification as a horse trainer, or a vocational qualification as a riding instructor, you can apply for a certificate directly.

Training is organised by various colleges, educational institutions, and advisory organisations. For more information on training providers see Evira's website. The training must meet the legal requirements and must include at least the following:

  • Legislation on animal transport
  • Animal physiology, especially hydration and nutritional needs
  • Animal behaviour and the concept of stress
  • Practical aspects of animal handling
  • Effects of transport on the animals’ welfare and meat quality
  • First aid for animals
  • Health and safety of personnel handling animals.

A fee is charged for the service.

Fees are determined by the Government’s act on the Regional State Administrative Agency’s fees in 2019 and 2020.


You can start commercially transporting animals only after you have received the animal transporter competency certificate.

Processing time

The certificates are usually granted within two weeks.

Period of validity

A certificate is generally valid until you are 70 years old. After this, the validity is determined at the discretion of the Regional State Administrative Agency.

Basic information

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Updated: 9/9/2020