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An exception to the protection of nature

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

In some cases, it is possible to request an exception to a prohibition that applies to protected species, natural habitats and preserved species.

It is prohibited to transform the protected natural habitats and in particular to deteriorate or destruct the territories of the specifically protected species. There are special prohibitions relating to the preserved species. For species listed in Ann ...

Do the following

When applying for an exception, it is good to have information on the type of species or natural habitat that the application for an exception concerns. In all cases, information is required about the relevant project, its effects and any alternative solutions as the object is to endeavour for a solution that harms the area as little as possible.

Submit your exception application online by filling in an electronic form (a private person’s online form, a company’s/entity’s/operator’s online form, a municipality’s online form, an authority’s online form).

To whom and on what terms

A general condition for an exception is that of maintaining a favourable conservation status. Detailed information is available on the website of the environmental administration (Exception to the prohibition to transform a natural habitat, Exception to the prohibition to deteriorate the territory of a specifically protected species, Exception to the provisions protecting the species and Exception to the prohibition to deteriorate or destruct the breeding sites or resting places laid down in the Habitats Directive.

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Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
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Updated: 23/3/2021