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Aid for the improvement of a private road

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  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
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A road management association can apply for a subsidy for the improvement of a private road. The subsidies are discretionary, and the road must be determined eligible for a state subsidy. Eligibility is determined in connection with the processing of the application. Subsidies cannot be granted afterwards.

Subsidies are mainly granted for fixing damages and structures of the road and bridges. The ELY Centre assesses the urgency and effectiveness of the project. Subsidies are decided by the ELY Centre, on whose area the road or its major part is located.

Primary projects to be subsidised include, for example:

  • Bridges and culverts in poor condition;
  • Flood and frost damages;
  • Locations that are important in terms of traffic safety, such as a straightening a dangerous curve, improvement of intersections and moving of the route;
  • Improvement of road drainage and bearing capacity.

Generally, the subsidy covers 50% of the project's approved and eligible costs including value-added tax. In some projects, the subsidy can be as high as 75%. Such projects include, for example, partial and complete renovation of bridges and large culverts and fixing of road damages caused by abnormal conditions, such as floods.

Do the following

Fill in the application using the form on the website and forward it as an attachment to the online form. Or send it by post to the Pirkanmaa Ely Centre, which receives applications centrally.

Attach the following to the application:

- A register extract and a map (mark the permanent settlement within the impact area of the road) (National Land Survey of Finland, extract from the multiple object cadastre/private road)

· Protocol from the meeting of the RMA that made the decision to apply for a subsidy

· Planning document (description of work, a performance-based cost estimate, a design map)

-Certificate or other printout of the up-dated data in the road- and street network database (Digiroad)

When necessary, attach:

· An expert opinion on the dimensions of bridge spans and culvert openings

· Other permits, approvals and opinions

If the bridge plans and annexes are larger than A3, submit them as 1 paper copy and 1 electronic copy or alternatively as 2 paper copies.

The RMA has to notify within 60 days of the receipt of the subsidy decision if it accepts the subsidy. The notification form is attached to the subsidy decision. Give RMA’s account number, the name and phone number of the supervisor designated by the RMA and indicate if the work is carried out by the association or as an all-in or a divided contract. A protocol from the meeting of the RMA that made the decision to apply for a subsidy should also be submitted.

The supervisor must have a sufficient technical knowledge of the field. The supervisor must be independent from the contractor. Supervisor information is given using a separate form.

If the RMA doesn't give a notification of approval within the set time, the subsidy decision is terminated.

The contract must be tendered in compliance with procurement regulations.

More information, instructions and applications can be found in the Finnish Transport Agency's guideline "Yksityisteiden valtionavustukset".

More information can also be found in instruction cards concerning the maintenance and improvement of private roads.

To apply for payment, attach your application to the ELY Centre's general form for private individuals and address it to the ELY Centre of Pirkanmaa. Or send the form by post to the KEHA Centre (KEHA-keskus, Keskinen maksatusalue/Yksityistiet, PL 136, 33101 Tampere).

To whom and on what terms

A state subsidy can be granted if the road has been determined eligible for a state subsidy. Eligibility is determined in connection with the processing of the application.

The following conditions apply to eligibility for state subsidy:

  • A road management association (RMA) has been established for the road; and
  • data about the RMA and the road are up-dated in the register of private roads and in the road- and street network database (Digiroad)

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

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Responsible for the serviceCentre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
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Updated: 3/24/2021