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Agricultural investment

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You can receive investment aid for agriculture for building or building expansion, building renovation and the purchase of machinery or equipment. You can also receive aid for the construction investments needed in the production of energy on a farm to the extent that energy is used in agricultural production activities.

You can also receive interest subsidies for interest subsidy loans through i ...

Do the following

Aid can be applied continuously. The applications are decided on by aid periods, which are:

  • 16 October – 15 January
  • 16 January – 15 March
  • 16 March – 15 August
  • 16 August – 15 October
  1. Prepare a business plan. At the same time, the business plan is a development plan for your farm. Create a business plan on form 3430.
  2. Before submitting your application, please contact the ELY Centre in your area. The experts at the ELY Centre will advise you on how to submit your application.
  3. Check that you have the necessary rights to log in to the Hyrrä service in your organisation's name or that you have given another person sufficient rights to act in your organisation's name in the Hyrrä service.
  4. Complete the electronic application and attach the necessary attachments. Business plan must be attached to the application.
  5. Sign and submit the application for processing.

To whom and on what terms

Agricultural investment aid is discretionary. Aid may be applied for by a farmer or organisation that carries out or undertakes to engage in agricultural activity on a farm as well as by an association of agricultural entrepreneurs. The applicant must be at least 18 years old with sufficient professional skills.

If the management of the farm belongs to at least two persons, apply together. In such a case, at least one third of the farm shall be held by a person who fulfils the conditions.

When an entity applies, the majority of shares and control shall be held by a person or persons who meet the conditions applicable to the applicant.

When an association of agricultural entrepreneurs applies, all members of the group must meet the age and professional skills conditions and at least half of the partners’ farms must meet the conditions for continuous profitability.

Farm conditions

  • You own or have leased the farm that is the subject of the aid.
  • If you are building on a leased land, you have a recording decision by the National Land Survey of Finland on your lease agreement. Attach a copy of the recording decision to the application.
  • The leasing right must be transferable to a third party without hearing the property owner and must remain valid for at least 10 years.
  • You will receive at least EUR 25,000 in agricultural entrepreneurial income at least on the fifth calendar year from the granting of the aid.
  • You comply with mandatory requirements based on European and national laws on the environment, hygiene and animal welfare.

Business plan must be attached to the application.

In construction investments, the aid is always over EUR 7000. No aid will be granted for smaller investments. For other measures, the corresponding amount is EUR 3000.

Do not start a construction investment or other operation or sign a contract (e.g. a final deed of transfer, order agreement or piecework contract) until you have received a decision from the ELY Centre. No investment aid is granted for a measure that was initiated before the funding decision. Acquisitions made before the decision are not eligible.

Aid can be applied continuously, but decisions are made by aid period. Selection criteria are used when selecting investments to be funded. The applications are prioritised on the basis of selection criteria. A business plan, including liquidity and profitability calculations, plays an important role in the selection.

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Updated: 30/9/2020