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Afternoon activities

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Helsinki’s public playgrounds organise afternoon activities for schoolchildren. In addition to this, schools, organisations, parishes and private service providers organise group-based afternoon activities at schools or facilities near schools for 1st and 2nd graders and pupils who need special support. The City also organises afternoon activities for schoolchildren with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Afternoon activities are leisure time activities that support the educational work of homes and schools. In addition to participating in supervised activities, the children participating in afternoon activities can also focus on their own play. Afternoon activities are held both in and outdoors. The children are covered by the City's voluntary accident insurance. Children are covered for the duration of the afternoon activities.

Participation in the afternoon activities organised by schools as part of basic education is subject to a fee. The snacks provided during afternoon activities organised at public playgrounds are subject to a fee. Families can apply for reduced fees on the basis of their incomes.

Application to both types of afternoon activities is made for the entire school year with specific forms. Afternoon activities are not available during school holidays or on exceptional school days falling on Saturdays.

School afternoon activities are organised at approximately 200 locations, while playground afternoon activities for schoolchildren are organised at approximately 65 playgrounds.

To whom and on what terms

Morning and afternoon activities are intended for grade 1 and 2 pupils and pupils receiving special-needs support in all grades.

For first and second year comprehensive school pupils and for pupils in need of special support. Application to both types of afternoon activities is made for the entire school year with specific forms.

Background information

Grade 1 and 2 pupils as well as pupils receiving special-needs support in all grades may apply for morning and afternoon activities in basic education. Morning and afternoon activities can be provided on working days mainly between 7 am and 5 pm.

The objective of the activities is to support children’s growth and development, promote their well-being and equality, prevent exclusion and reinforce inclusion.

The municipality is responsible for the morning and afternoon activities as a whole. It may organise the activities itself or together with other municipalities, or outsource the services to NGOs, communities and companies. However, the municipality has no obligation to organise these activities. A school’s club activities or basic instruction in the arts may also be organised as morning and afternoon activities for children.

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