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Afternoon activities at playgrounds

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Afternoon activities for schoolchildren are organized at all City of Helsinki public playgrounds. The activities are free of charge and open to all. Activities are conducted both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to supervised activities, afternoon activities for schoolchildren emphasize children's own play, outdoor activities, relaxation and socializing with peers. The activities are planned on the basis of children's wishes and needs. The general atmosphere should be characterized by respect for others and openness.

Afternoon activities are organized at public playgrounds on weekdays during the school year. The activities end no later than 17:00.

Afternoon activities are organised at approximately 65 public playgrounds. At each playground the activities are supervised by a social advisor - the team leader, and an adequate number of instructors.

To whom and on what terms

Morning and afternoon activities are intended for grade 1 and 2 pupils and pupils receiving special-needs support in all grades.

Afternoon activities for schoolchildren at public playgrounds are open to all and free of charge. Snacks are charged the flat monthly fee.

Background information

Grade 1 and 2 pupils as well as pupils receiving special-needs support in all grades may apply for morning and afternoon activities in basic education. Morning and afternoon activities can be provided on working days mainly between 7 am and 5 pm.

The objective of the activities is to support children’s growth and development, promote their well-being and equality, prevent exclusion and reinforce inclusion.

The municipality is responsible for the morning and afternoon activities as a whole. It may organise the activities itself or together with other municipalities, or outsource the services to NGOs, communities and companies. However, the municipality has no obligation to organise these activities. A school’s club activities or basic instruction in the arts may also be organised as morning and afternoon activities for children.

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