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Advice on changes of ownership and acquisitions

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Are you considering a generation change or a company acquisition? Make use of our advisory services to ensure a controlled change of ownership. Please contact us well in advance, as a change of ownership is a step that you should prepare for carefully.

The acquisition of a business that is up and running or a going concern is a good alternative to starting a new business or expanding an existing one. Our experts will provide advice on how to initiate and complete a change of ownership. We will assess your situation and draw up a progress plan with you.

Whether you are closing down your business, selling or transferring all or part of it to the next generation, there are a number of issues to address. Contracts, valuation, taxes, deregistration, to name but a few. No standard solution exists for how to transfer ownership and control of a business to a new owner. That is why it is important to start planning in good time. It is also valuable to di ...

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