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Responsible for the service TE Office

Advice and guidance to jobseekers

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  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
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The assistance and guidance services organised by the TE Office help persons registered as jobseekers search for and find services and employment matching their competence.

You can talk to an expert in person only when you have a need for a service and you require help in searching for a job. An expert will make this evaluation on the basis of the information you have provided when registering as a jobseeker and possibly as a customer at an earlier date. If you are, for instance, temporarily laid off or your employment contract is terminated, you may require personal assistance more than if you are laid off for under three months.

When an expert has decided that a personal appointment is necessary in order to discuss your personal job aspirations, competence and required services, you will be contacted. The services will be selected on the basis of what you need and what will best help you find employment.

When you register as a jobseeker, you will describe your work experience and competences. The TE Office will send you job offers on the basis of this information. The TE Office will also provide you with information on other jobs which may be suitable to you in the E-services.

If you are unemployed and your unemployment continues for longer, the TE Office will interview you every three months.

Do the following

When you need general advice on job searching, services provided by the TE Office, your customership with the TE Office or the use of electronic communication channels, please call the national help line or ask for advice in the chat.

If you are a citizen of Finland:

- Answer the questions in your service needs assessment online in the TE Office’s E-services within two working days of registering as a jobseeker. Your responses and thoughts about your situation will help you compile an employment plan. Your job search will be discontinued if you do not answer the questions by the deadline.

- Accept the TE Office’s proposal for an employment plan or alternatively create your own proposal within seven days from the date when you answered the questions in the service needs assessment.

- The employment plan will include the goals of your job search, the required services, and the tasks agreed to be completed by a specific deadline.

If you do not accept the proposed plan or draw up your own proposal to be accepted by the TE Office, your job search will be discontinued.

If you are not a citizen of Finland:

- Book a personal appointment with an expert to discuss your service needs and plans at the local TE Office.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

The service is provided byTE Office
Other responsible organisationsPohjois-Savo TE Office, Uusimaa TE Office, Satakunta TE Office, Häme TE Office, Pirkanmaa TE Office, Lapland TE Office, Pohjanmaa TE Office, Kaakkois-Suomi TE Office, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa TE Office, Pohjois-Karjala TE Office, Kainuu TE Office, Keski-Suomi TE Office, Varsinais-Suomi TE Office, Etelä-Pohjanmaa TE Office, Etelä-Savo TE Office
Responsible for the serviceTE Office
Area Whole Finland (except Åland)
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish
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Updated: 2/5/2022