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Adult Health Clinic

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Public health nurses guide their clients in how to prevent diseases and to promote the clients’ health and wellbeing. The vast majority of their clients are persons who are at risk of contracting coronary and vascular diseases or non-insulin-dependent diabetes (NIDDM).

Additionally, adult health clinics conduct so called check-ups directed to 40-year old men, 50-year-old women, family carers and the long-term unemployed. When necessary, personal help is provided also for weight management and giving up smoking, and conversational therapy is given to support the clients’ mental health. You may also participate in peer groups for weight management, nicotine withdrawal, and health-enhancing physical activity, and in a group for seeking health benefits in forests.

Information and vaccinations for travellers are a part of adult health clinic services. Some vaccinations are given as a part of the national vaccination programme. These include the DT vaccine (diphtheria and tetanus), polio vaccine, and the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella). All other vaccinations needed at the travel destination, as well as treatment to prevent malaria, are to be acquired and paid for by the travellers themselves.

Do the following

You may be directed to an adult health clinic by a doctor or a nurse. In addition, you may take contact with a public health nurse yourself if you need advice on how to promote and maintain your health. You can make an appointment at the clinic, or call the nurse for advice.

When planning a journey abroad, it is important to make sure you have all the necessary vaccinations and receive treatment to prevent malaria when necessary. In order to receive all the necessary vaccinations, please make sure to contact the clinic in good time, 2–6 months before the departure at the latest.

In My Kanta Pages, you can view your prescriptions and the related dispensing data, treatment-related entries, laboratory and X-ray studies, and the data concerning a dependent child under 10 years of age. The data of a child aged between 10 and 17 can be viewed gradually once the healthcare service has made the necessary changes in the patient data systems. In My Kanta Pages, you can request a repeat prescription and save your own living will and organ donation testament. You can also monitor your own wellbeing and browse your details recorded with a wellbeing application.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

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The service is provided byThe Municipality of Sipoo
Responsible for the serviceThe Municipality of Sipoo
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Updated: 10/27/2021