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Activities for families with infants at playgrounds and family houses

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Playgrounds and family houses organize activities for families with infants as extensions to the family training provided by family clinics for Helsinki families with their first child.

The topics of these activities:

- Being together with your child - what is early interaction?

- Coping with everyday routines, how to be a parent.

- The daytime and sleep rhythms of infants.

- Services for families: an introduction to daycare and dental care, provided twice a year.

The activities are free of charge for families.

To whom and on what terms

The activities for families with infants are meant for Helsinki families with their first child.

Participation has no effect on child home care allowance paid by Kela.

Background information

Open early childhood education and care activities are intended especially for children who are in home care. Many types of activities support the well-being of children and families at open day-care centres and playgrounds and in clubs.

Clubs offer instructor-led and goal-oriented activities. Play, outdoor activities and spending time together in a safe environment are emphasised. For example, the children may be offered clubs focusing on exercise, cultural activities or nature study. In family clubs, the parents may also participate.

In addition to municipalities, actors such as parishes and NGOs organise clubs, camps and other activities for children and their parents. Some of these are intended for the whole family.

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Updated: 28/5/2022