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10th grade

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The school year in 10th grade allows young people to refine their further study plans, sharpen their knowledge and improve the grades of their certificates. 10th grade classes also acquaint students in vocational and general upper secondary studies.

10th grade classes are offered by comprehensive-school upper stages in comprehensive schools of the city of Helsinki and in Helsinki Vocational College.

In Helsinki there are several Finnish-speaking 10th grades and one Swedish-speaking 10th grade.

To whom and on what terms

You can apply for grade 10, if you have completed your comprehensive school this year or the previous year and have not received a place of study at an upper secondary education institution.

In Helsinki additional comprehensive education, provided as 10th grade, is intended primarily for youth who have finished their comprehensive education but have not gained a place in upper secondary education.

The service is free of charge.

Background information

The purpose of grade 10 is to improve a student’s study and career opportunities and facilitate their access to further education. Grade 10 provides you with the opportunity to increase your comprehensive school certificate grades.

Grade 10 lasts for one school year and includes at least 1,100 hours of instruction. The education may also include introductory working life opportunities and the accumulation of societal knowledge and skills.

Basic information

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Updated: 1/24/2022