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  • Business Finland Oy

    Business Finland is an accelerator of global growth. We create new growth by helping businesses go global and by supporting...

  • ELY Centre

    ELY Centres are responsible for the regional implementation and development tasks of the central government.

  • Centre for Non-Military Service

    The Centre for Non-Military Service is responsible for implementing non-military service, organising the training of the persons liable for non-military service and for g...

  • City of Espoo

  • City of Helsinki

    Today, Helsinki is the Capital of Finland and the centre of the Helsinki Region, a functional urban region of about 1.44 million inhabitants and 760.000 jobs.

  • City of Kalajoki

    Kalajoki is a vibrant seaside city with 12,600 residents and an environment that is better by a point for living and working....

  • City of Kauniainen

    Kauniainen is one of the four cities in the Metropolitan area. Today the cityscape is dominated by one-family houses and a close proximity to nature. Kauniainen can be sa...

  • City of Kokkola

    The growing and evolving Kokkola is the regional center of Central Ostrobothnia. Kokkola is bilingual and has a population...

  • City of Kuopio

    Kuopio is a modern, developing centre of economic life in Eastern Finland.

  • City of Oulu

    The City of Oulu is located by the Gulf of Bothnia around 600 kilometres north of Helsinki.

  • City of Rauma

    Rauma is one of the oldest cities in Finland - founded in 1442. Rauma is a lively industrial and cultural city with around...

  • City of Seinäjoki

    Seinäjoki is the centre of South Ostrobothnia and one of the fastest growing urban areas in Finland. Seinäjoki 's population...

  • City of Turku

    Turku, with its surrounding municipalities, is an energetic centre of growth in the Baltic Sea area. The versatile livelihood...

  • City of Vaasa

    Vaasa is a heavily growing city with 67 000 inhabitants and the biggest economic centre in Ostrobothnia. Together with its...

  • City of Valkeakoski

  • Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

    The Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman safeguards your rights and freedoms when processing personal data. The Office...

  • KEHA Centre

  • ELY Centre for Central Finland

  • ELY Centre for Häme

  • ELY Centre for Kainuu