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You can now find employment services that comply with the activation model from

Published 3/28/2019

From the beginning of April, the circle of suppliers that organise activities that comply with the activation model will be expanded. In future the activity requirements can be met through training organised by municipalities and associations, for example, in addition to TE Services.

The web service explains how you can satisfy the activity requirements, and who you should notify about activities you have undertaken. You can also easily find services that meet the activity requirements from the web service.

 From the beginning of April, activities that count towards your activity requirement can be organised by groups such as  

  • municipalities and joint municipal authorities 
  • trade unions or trade associations or foundations set up by them, or other associations
  • the Federation of the Unemployed and its member associations 
  • a registered association that receives public funding. 

In addition, training for “security in the midst of change” organised by your employer, counts as activity for those participating in it.

Now You can find all the TE-services from During spring services organized by other groups will be also included to the web service.

What is meant by the activation model?

An unemployed jobseeker must meet the activity requirement during the 65 days when they receive un-employment benefit. If you do not fulfil the requirement, your unemployment benefit will be reduced by 4.65 per cent for the following 65 days of unemployment benefit payments.

The activation model does not apply to you if you are on incapacity for work pension, partial disability sup-port, disability support, accident or disability for work pension. Your unemployment benefit will not be reduced if you have made an application for a disability for work pension or if you are a care provider for relatives or family.

How do I meet the activity requirement and maintain my full unemployment benefit?

With effect from 1st April, you can satisfy the activity requirement as follows:

  • by doing paid work for 18 hours
  • by earning at least 23 per cent of the monthly earnings required for a self-employed person through entrepreneurial activity
  • undertaking part-time or short-term studies
  • by taking part in five days of activities organised by TE Services to promote employment or in activity the supports employment
  • by taking part in five days of activity that supports employment organised by other organisations.

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