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Use of Katso service will be discontinued – users must move to service

Published 23/11/2020

The use of the Katso service will be discontinued. The Katso service will be replaced by e-Identification and e-Authorizations. Now is a good time to set up e-Authorizations, as it will enable the use the services of Kela, the Finnish Tax Administration, the Incomes Register and other authorities also after the Katso service has been discontinued.

In January 2021, it will no longer be possible to use the Katso ID for identification and the roles and authorisations in the Katso service will no longer be valid. The authorisations currently in the Katso service will not be transferred to the new service. They must be created again in e-Authorizations.

In future, personal tokens such as online banking codes, a mobile certificate, an ID card issued by the police or a smart card issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency will be required for logging into the e-services. Users of e-Authorizations will not need any separate identifiers.

Persons with the right to represent foreign companies must replace Katso identification with the Finnish Authenticator applicationOpens in a new window.

Companies can start to use e-Authorizations on their own initiative

Private individuals as well as companies and organisations for which the signatories can be determined from the Trade Register and the Register of Associations can start to use e-Authorizations on their own initiative straight away. e-Authorizations can be commissioned at

Other organisations can use the mandate service provided by officials 

The mandate service provided by officials enables parties whose representation rights cannot be found in the Trade Register or the Register of Associations to grant electronic authorisations and act on behalf of another party.

Parties that need the mandate service provided by officials include business partnerships, educational institutions, parishes, public organisations and foreign companies. 

The registration of the mandate begins by sending a mandate application and its appendices to the mandate service provided by officials.

A right to grant a mandate or a representative’s right to grant a mandate will be registered on application to the person entitled to represent the organisation or to an individual authorised by that person.

  •  A person given a right to grant a mandate can grant mandates independently in e-Authorizations.
  • A person given a representative's right to grant a mandate can in e-Authorizations independently grant a company or organisation a mandate to represent the person, company or organisation that authorised him or her and request mandate for transactions from other companies, organisation and persons to manage the affairs of the assignor.


The website of the Katso service  Opens in a new window.

How to grant a mandate for the management of tax matters in e-Authorizations 

Replacing Katso in the Incomes Register