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Published 11/6/2019

The new user interface for e-Authorizations has been introduced on Tuesday 11 June. 

  • This update will not require any action on the part of our customers. 
  • No changes need to be made to authorisations that have previously been implemented in the service. 

The update includes numerous new features that have been highlighted in usability testing and cus-tomer feedback. The updated user interface makes it easier to create and manage authorisations and introduces new bulk functionalities. The service also includes features intended specifically for professionals. The new features will be introduced in phases. 

In addition to the user interface update, a larger technology update has been implemented, which is not directly visible to customers. 

The first version of the new user interface includes the following improvements: 

  • Development of the user interface: e.g. page navigation, icons
  • Processing of multiple persons will be easier 
  • Processing of numerous companies at one time 
  • The company search will also apply to organisations and auxiliary business names.
  • The ability to remove all the authorisations a party has at once
  • The ability to list authorisations by type in a party’s own view  
  • The ability to move faster to all the authorisation views of a given party
  • Applying an e-Authorizations specifier specifically to an assignee 

New functionalities will be introduced in the following version of the user interface. 

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