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Replacement of Katso roles with e-Authorizations mandate themes

Published 13/7/2020

The e-Authorizations Mandate service provided by officials opened in June. The service allows parties that cannot independently grant electronic mandates in e-Authorizations to grant electronic mandates and act on behalf of other parties.

In organisations that need the Mandate service provided by officials granting a mandate will usually involve the replacement of Katso roles with e-Authorizations mandate themes. A list has been compiled of key Katso roles and the corresponding mandate themes:

Katso roles and corresponding mandate themes (, Excel)Opens in a new window.

Each e-service provides instructions for its clients and end users on how to transition to the service and on service-specific changes and schedules. The link to each authority’s instructions is available on the Katso website's frontpageOpens in a new window. in the section ” Use of Katso service will be discontinued”.

Every Katso role must be changed to e-Authorizations so that the use of different e-services can continue after the Katso shutdown. It is also important to note that mandate themes can be added and that the authority responsible for each e-service always defines their use and need.

The client submits a mandate application to the official at

Additional information

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