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Information on the selection of the place of treatment will be available in the Web Service

Published 5/9/2019

Content about choosing a health centre, hospital and other health services, published on the website, will be moved to the Web Service. From now on, the site will focus on giving guidance on the international aspects of healthcare.

By moving the information, customer matters can be handled in a more streamlined fashion. offers information and services for various situations in life, such as health and medical care. The site describes patient rights in cases of cross-border healthcare, meaning situations where a Finn needs medical care abroad or a foreigner needs medical care in Finland.

It has been possible to choose a health centre and hospital since 2014

It has been possible to choose a health centre or hospital in Finland since 2014. In the “Choosing a place of treatment” data content of the Web Service, information is provided on topics such as

  • choosing a health centre
  • choosing a hospital
  • choosing a doctor, nurse or other treating healthcare professional
  • choosing other healthcare services
  • using a service voucher when choosing a place of treatment. also contains information on the services provided by health centres and hospitals. 

The website focuses on cross-border healthcare 

The website will continue to give guidance on the use of health services abroad and in Finland. The site offers information on the patient’s right to medical care abroad and in Finland as well as on the costs of treatment, reimbursements for treatment and healthcare in different countries.