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Received messages

When you receive a message to Messages, you will be sent a notification of this to your email address. Therefore, you will not need to go to the browser version of Messages or the mobile application to see if you have received new messages. In order for you to be able to read the message, you must first identify yourself in Messages. 

Organisations have independently determined the transactions that can be handled via Messages. For example, Messages do not offer a direct link to MyTax. Instead, you must log in separately to read the messages and documents sent to you by the Tax Administration.

In received messages, you will see the messages that have been sent to you in chronological order, the most recent one first. If the chain contains numerous messages, the figure in brackets after the title of the message indicates how many there are. The unread message will also appear darkened.

Please note that the messages may include decisions, invoices, appointment information and requests for additional information that you can respond to directly in the service. 

Updated: 29/11/2022