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Sent messages

In sent messages, you will see the messages you have sent in chronological order, with the message you have sent last appearing first. You can browse and read the messages you have sent in the same way as received messages.  

You can reply to a message you have received if the sending organisation has allowed this option. You can reply to several messages in a message chain.  

If you have chosen to receive messages by post, you will not be able to reply to the messages or send new messages to the authorities. 

Sending a new message

You can use the Write a new message option to send a message to organisations that allow this option. 

You can find the names of the organisations that use Messages on a separate page. After selecting the organisation, select the recipient's service or the topic that your message concerns. 

You can also attach file attachments to the message. The allowed file formats for the attachments are

  • text file (.txt) 
  • MS Word (.doc/.docx) 
  • MS Excel (.xls/.xlsx) 
  • MS Powerpoint (.ppt/.pptx) 
  • Open Document (.odt/.ods) 
  • PDF (.pdf) 
  • Jpg or Png image file (.jpg/.jpeg/.png) 

Before the message is sent, the service verifies that the attachments do not contain any viruses or malware. The maximum size of the attachments is 10 Mb in total.