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This is how e-identification works

You can identify yourself using

  • online banking codes
  • a mobile certificate
  • a certificate card.
  • an eIDAS token.

Finnish citizens and the citizens of other EU Member States can use e-identification to log in to Finnish services.  

  • You can log in to all public administration e-services the use of which require strong identification. 
  • One-time login allows you to use all services linked to e-identification without logging in individually for each service. A single login session is valid for a period of 32 minutes. You can also log out of all services at the same time. One-time login is not possible when you use eIDAS identification.
  • e-Identification works on computers and mobile devices. It may be used with different web browsers and their default settings.  

In general, you do not need to change your browser or its settings to use the service. If a problem arises, check that you have approved the session-specific cookies and JavaScript commands and allowed TLS encryption. Your browser must also support HTML5. 

When using e-Identification, you undertake to comply with the terms and conditions specified for the use of online banking codes, certificate cards, mobile certificates or other tokens that you have approved in your service agreement.