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Identify yourself with online banking codes

You can log into an e-service using the online banking codes issued to you by your own bank. 

You will get your online banking codes when you sign an agreement with your bank. At the same time, you will have instructions on how to use your online banking codes. If you do not remember your banking codes or otherwise need help using the banking codes, please contact your bank. 

Please note that 

  • the online banking codes you use for e-identification must have been issued personally to you. You cannot use a company’s or an organisation’s banking codes for e-identification.
  • online banking codes suitable for identification are in addition to banking be applicable on electronic identification in other e-services.
  • online banking codes for a joint account that two spouses have access to can only be used by the person whose name the account is in. 

Please ensure that no one has access to your online banking ID, password or codes. 

This is how you identify yourself with online banking codes

  1. You see in e-Identification a list of available banks. 
  2. Choose the bank for which you have online banking codes. 
  3. Follow the instructions provided by your online banking service.