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Identification using different identification tokens e-Identification allows you can log in to all Finnish public administration e-services the use of which require strong identification.

One-time login allows you to use all the services that use e-Identification without logging in individually for each service. A single login session is valid for a period of 32 minutes. You can also log out of all services at the same time. One-time login is not possible with identification tokens from other countries or with the Finnish Authenticator application.

When using e-Identification, you undertake to comply with the terms and conditions specified for the use of your identification tokens, which you have approved in your service agreement.

How to identify yourself:

  1. e-Identification contains a list of the identification tokens that can be selected.
  2. Select the identification method you want to use.
  3. Follow the instructions provided by the identification service you selected for identification.