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Services using e-Authorizations

On this page you can find services which use e-Authorizations and in which you can act on behalf of another party.

Also get to know the matters for which you can grant mandates to act on behalf of another party:

Mandate themes

Check the instructions of the organisation to find out which mandates you will need to use that particular service. The organisations themselves decide whether the electronic mandates should only be available for e-services or if they can also be used in service locations.


Apotti: Maisa patient and client portal

ARA The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland: E-service


Business Finland: Online service

The office of Bank­ruptcy Om­buds­man: Bankruptcy and corporate reorganization information management system.


Central Finland hospital district:

Central Ostrobothnia social and healtcare service authority Soite:

The Courts: Administrative and Special Courts Eservice

Customs: Declaration service for Ahvenanmaa customs border, Attachment Upload, Transit Declaration Service, Export Declaration Service, Testing service for direct message exchange, Intrastat declarations, Import Declaration Service for private persons, Authorisations and related applications, Customs warehousing declarations, Import clearance, Safety and Security Declaration Service, Car Tax Preparation Service, Applying for an EORI number, Contact Customs Information, Applying for a message exchange authorisation, Customs Decisions system (CDS), Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) system, European Binding Tariff Information (EBTI) system, EMCS, Beneficiary register for excise taxation, Excise taxation service, Posti Messaging Tyvi


DigiFinland: Omaolo

Digital and Population Data Services Agency: Messages


East Savo hospital district:

ELY Centre / KEHA Centre: My Enterprise Finland, Regional government’s e-Service, Permits and Supervision Service, Eservice for Enterprise support

Employment Fund: Online service

Energy Authority: eService

City of Espoo: PSOP -


Fimea: Pharmacy economic data

Finnish Centre for Pensions: eETK Service

Finnish Environment Institute: Veeti, Identicifation service

Finnish Food Authority: Ilppa, IUU Catch certificate system, Sähi, Nekka

Finnish Forest Centre: Metsää

Finnish Immigration Service: Enter Finland online service

Finnish National Agency for Education: Organisation service

Finnish Patent and Registration Office: YTJ Authority service

Finnish Security and Intelligence Service: E-service

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom: Transport Eservices, Network information point, System for data gathering, Ship radio permits

Welfare District of Forssa:


City of Haapavesi: PSOP -

City of Helsinki: PSOP -,

Helsinki Regional Transport Authority: HSL id

HUS: HUS Appointment Booking,

Municipality of Hämeenkyrö: Palveluohjain


Innovatics: Shareholder register Oskari  


City of Jakobstad: Early childhood education’s eService

Municipality of Janakkala: Electronic appointment service,

City of Joensuu: Wilma

Jyväskylä city:


City of Kaarina: PSOP -, Wilma

Kainuu joint authority for healthcare and social welfare (Kainuun sote): OmaSote, PSOP . 

City of Kalajoki: PSOP - 

Kallio joint municipal authority for basic services: PSOP - 

City of Kajaani: PSOP -

City of Kaskinen: Early childhood education’s eService

Kela: My Kanta, System for electronic exchange of information, Service for the provision of accounting information regarding health care benefits, E-service for private persons, Benefit Services, Appointment booking

City of Kerava: Wilma

Keski-Uusimaa joint authority for healthcare and social welfare:

Keva: Eservice for Employers

City of Kirkkonummi: Early childhood education’s eService

City of Kouvola: PSOP -

City of Kruunupyy: Early childhood education’s eService 

Kuntien Tiera Oy: PSOP -

City of Kurikka: PSOP -

City of Kuusamo: PSOP - 

Kymenlaakso Health and Social Services: PSOP - 


Lapland Hospital District: PREWS, Palveluohjain

Legal Register Centre: Dept recovery e-services

Municipality of Lempäälä: Wilma, Palveluohjain

Municipality of Lieto: PSOP -, Wilma

City of Lohja: PSOP - 

Lowell: My Lowell

Municipality of Luoto: Day care application


Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: e-Services

Ministry of Defence: e-Services

Ministry of Economic affairs and Employment of Finland: EURA 2014

Ministry of Education and Culture: e-Services for Discretionary Government Transfers within the Administrative Branch

Ministry of Justice: Kosti e-Services

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board's e-service


National Archives of Finland: Astia service

National Enforcement Authority: Enforcement Eservice

National Land Survey of Finland: Transfer service for housing company share registers

North Karelia joint municipal authority for health and social services (Siun sote): PSOP -

Northern Haaga co-school: Wilma

Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District: Online appointment booking

North Satakunta joint municipal authority for basic public services: PSOP -

City of Närpes: Wilma


Omnia: Wilma

OP: Kevytyrittäjä, Ordering accounting records

City of Orivesi: Early childhood education’s eService 

City of Oulu:, PSOP - 

Oulunkaari joint municipal authority: Oulunkaaren Omahoito


Pharmacies: Handling matters at a pharmacy

Municipality of Pirkkala: Palveluohjain

Pohjola Sairaala Oy: Mobile application

Police:, Police e-Services 

City of Pieksämäki: Esercives of social and health services 

City of Pori: Wilma,

Municipality of Pornainen: Wilma

City of Porvoo: Electronic appointment service

Pöytyä joint municipal authority for primary healthcare:


City of Raahe: PSOP - 

Raahe District joint municipal authority of wellbeing:

Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority: eForms

Municipality of Rautavaara: Wilma


Salpaus Further Education: Wilma

City of Seinäjoki: PSOP -, Early childhood education’s eService

Selänne joint municipal authority for basic services: PSOP - 

Municipality of Siilinjärvi: Esercives of social and health services 

South Karelia hospital district:

South Karelia joint municipal authority for social welfare and health care: PSOP -

South Savo hospital district:, Palse

South Savo Social and Health Care Authority (Essote):

Southwest Finland joint municipal authority for specialised health care: Electronic Health Care Services

State Treasury: e-Service

Suomen Palkanlaskenta:




City of Tampere: PSOP -, Palveluohjain, Eservices of social and health services, Wilma, Nella 

Tampere University Hospital: OmaTays

Tavastia Education Consortium: Wilma

Tax administration:, Incomes Register,, MyTax,

TE Services / KEHA Centre: Job Marketplace

Terveystalo: Online appointment booking service

Tukes: KemiDigi, Regional government’s e-Service

City of Turku: PSOP -

Municipality of Tuusula: PSOP - 


United Medix Laboratories: MedixLAB home sample service


City of Vaasa: Esercive for health services 

Municipalities of Vaasa Hospital District:

Valvira: Valveri, Online service

City of Valkeakoski: Esercive for health services  

City of Vantaa:

Virtual social and health centre:

Municipality of Vihti: PSOP -


The government of Åland: EURA 2014

Ålands Ömsesidiga Försäkringsbolag: Ömsen Hälsa