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Grant a mandate as a company or an organisation

In e-Authorizations, a company, an association or an organisation may authorise a company, an organisation or a person to act on its behalf. The mandate can be granted by a person who has the right to represent the company or association alone, or together by the company’s representatives entered in the Trade Register.

Those with the right to represent can also give a person of their choice the right to grant mandates of the representative’s right to authorise for the management of the company’s or organisation’s mandates in e-Authorizations.

A person, company, or association may also submit a request for a mandate for transactions to a company or organisation, in which case the mandate is granted by approving the mandate request.

More information on acting on behalf of a company or organisation and who can grant mandates in e-Authorizations

This page contains instructions for granting a mandate in e-Authorizations.