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Legislation services are based on legislation, and because of this the majority of services provided by authorities are available in the web service. Legislation aims to improve the accessibility, quality, information security, inter-operability and steering of public services, as well as to promote the effectiveness and productiveness of public administration.

Legislation stipulates that organisations either have an obligation or right to use services. 

Organisations that are obligated to use the services include 

  • central government authorities and agencies, as well as departments and state enterprises
  • municipal authorities when performing duties they are prescribed by the law
  • courts and other judicial bodies.

Bodies that are obligated to use must

  • use e-Identification as a service for strong identification
  • use Messages for electronic communication
  • use e-Authorisation to act on behalf of a person or a company
  • use the service to provide access to the important information concerning a person or company available in different registers 
  • ensure that services are described in a harmonised manner in the Finnish Service Catalogue
  • link the organisations’ information resources to the Data Exchange Layer to simplify the automatic exchange of information between authorities 
  • use Payments for charging citizens for public administration services.

Additionally, some public sector organisations have the right to use all the services. Private sector organisations have a limited right to use Messages. 

For more information on the obligation imposed on the public administration and the private sector and their rights to use the services see the legislation page in the Service Management web site (in Finnish and Swedish)Opens in a new window.

Does your organisation want to use the services? services can be adopted by public administration organisations and the private sector, but e-Identification and Messages can only be used by public administration organisations. The Service Management web site contains information and provides support in the introduction and administration of services.

Service Management web site (in Finnish and Swedish)Opens in a new window.