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The services are developed transparently and together with service users:

  • Feedback is collected from users in a number of ways.
  • Usability and user testing are carried out regularly at the different stages of development.

The services are developed continuously. New content is produced for the service and new functionalities and updates are published every two weeks.  The development of new features means, for example, improvements to the services’ accessibility and search function. Notable updates are reported in the news section on the front page . 

Give feedback on the Services. 

Kick started by the National Architecture for Digital Services Programme  

The services are the result of the National Architecture for Digital Services Programme. The programme period run from 2014 to 2017. The services created as a result of the programme can all be found in the web service. 

The National Architecture for Digital Services created a shared foundation for the development of public administration e-services and the exchange of information between information systems. The National Architecture for Digital Services Programme was funded and coordinated by the Ministry of Finance. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency was responsible for the implementation of the programme’s projects. 

The redesigned web service was opened in July 2017. It replaced the portal, which was previously intended for citizens, as well the Workspace which provided services for authorities. Business services were previously available in the we service, which was merged with the web service in January 2018.