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How an organisation grants the new client's mandates to represent to employees who handle the affairs of the client

This example describes the situation in which an accounting firm has requested mandates for transactions from a new customer and, at the same time, grants mandates to represent to the employees handling the affairs of that client.

When you want to grant the employees mandates to represent on the basis of the sent mandate requests, do the following:

  1. Start using the selection basket on Sent requests page.
  2. Use the customer’s name or business ID as the search term to search for the mandate requests sent to the customer on the list. You can also filter the list with other search terms (e.g. by the mandate theme or the start date).
  3. Select the customer and place the mandates in the selection basket. When you make a selection the filtered mandate themes and their specifiers will be placed in the basket. One of the specifiers is the customer business ID, which is required in the mandate to represent. If necessary, the specifiers can be deleted later or changed to another one.
  4. Go to the Granted mandates page. The mandates from previous page that you placed in the selection basket will stay in the basket.
  5. Search the list for employees who manage the customer relationship. You can search the employees by name or use other search terms to narrow the list (e.g. by the mandate typeor the mandate theme).
  6. Select the employees to whom you will grant a new mandate to represent and place the parties in the selection basket. You can also place employees individually in the basket and make new searches.
  7. When the selection basket contains parties and mandates, go to grant new mandates to represent with this information.
  8. Check your selection. At this point, you can still delete employees or mandate themes from the list. Remember to include the specifiers of the received mandates. You can also return to edit the selections already placed in the selection basket.
  9. As you move forward, go to the normal mandate granting view, where you will still be able to make changes to the details. Be sure to check the specifiers in the Mandate theme phase. Remember to set the start date of the new mandates to the next day and the end date to the new end date agreed upon with the customers.
  10. Finally, confirm the mandates.

Updated: 4/1/2024