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Right to rehabilitationservices

Seek healthcare

If you feel that your work ability has deteriorated due to the illness, contact your wellbeing services county's health services to find out about your health and rehabilitation needs. In healthcare, a physician assesses your work ability and can write you a medical report recommending that you be given suitable rehabilitation. Your work ability can also be assessed in the health checks for the unemployed and the multidisciplinary joint service and you can be directed to rehabilitation.

Updated: 27/12/2022

Ask about an unemployed person's health examination

If you are unemployed, you are entitled to a health examination for the unemployed.

The examination is particularly useful when you need an assessment of your ability to work in similar tasks that you have previously done for the TE Office or your municipality's employment services. A public health nurse or physician can assess whether your current state of health prevents or limits the performance of your previous tasks. For example, back problems may limit you from lifting heavy objects.

In some wellbeing services counties, you can book an appointment for a health examination yourself, while in other wellbeing services counties  you need a referral from the TE Office or your wellbeing services county's employment services or social welfare services.

Updated: 27/12/2022

Find out about your right to vocational rehabilitation

If you do not have a profession or are unable to work in your former or current profession, you can find out which professional field is suitable for you or receive support for returning to working life with the help of vocational rehabilitation. Rehabilitation may include clarification of your situation, work try-outs, job coaching or training. During rehabilitation, you can secure your livelihood with a rehabilitation allowance.

Find out about your right to vocational rehabilitation first from your pension provider and then from Kela, if necessary. Follow the provided instructions.

If you are granted vocational rehabilitation, notify the TE Office or your municipality's employment services.

Updated: 29/4/2022

Find out about your right to other rehabilitation services

You may receive rehabilitation if you, for example, have

  • a physiological condition, such as back disease
  • a mental health problem, such as depression
  • a neuropsychiatric disorder, such as ADHD
  • a learning difficulty, such as dyslexia
  • some kind of intellectual disability that limits your life.

Rehabilitation provides you with information and support on how to cope with your illness, for example:

  • If you have a back disease, you can receive physiotherapy and advice from primary healthcare. If your back problems are prolonged, you can attend Kela's rehabilitation courses for people with back symptoms. 
  • If you suffer from depression, its treatment is the responsibility of primary healthcare. If your depression continues despite the treatment, the healthcare services can refer you to Kela's rehabilitation psychotherapy, if necessary.

In order to receive Kela's rehabilitation, you will need a statement from your physician on the need for rehabilitation caused by the illness or injury.

Read Kela's Quick Guide to Rehabilitation.Opens in a new window.

Updated: 27/12/2022

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