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Auxiliary business name and parallel business name

Your company may operate in more than one sector or locality or need a translation into a foreign language of its name. In such a case you can use an auxiliary or a parallel business name.

Auxiliary business name

An auxiliary business name can help your company to do some of its business under a different name. For example, if your company’s name is Keijo’s Florists and its business extends to the cultivation and sale of flowers as well as pest control, the auxiliary business name can be Keijo’s Pest Control. The sector of industry for an auxiliary business name must therefore be associated with that for the main business name.

You can also register an auxiliary business name if your company has a place of business somewhere else. For example, a café with the name Turku Cake Shop, located in the city of Turku, can have the auxiliary name Tampere Cake Shop, if it also has a café in the city of Tampere.

As a rule, the guidelines and the assessment of registration that apply to the names of companies in general also apply to auxiliary business names. However, it should not indicate the form of the enterprise because it is not a separate company.

Depending on the company type, a decision to adopt an auxiliary name is taken either by you yourself, the general partners or the Board of Directors. Record your auxiliary business name in the trade register by means of a start-up notification or a notification of a change. An auxiliary trade name does not need to be recorded in the partnership agreement, Articles of Association, or the company rules.  

Parallel business name

Your company may also register a translation of its company name into other languages as a parallel business name. The names in different languages must correspond to each other. For example, the parallel business name for Paraisten kukkakauppa Oy would be Pargas blomsterhandel Ab in Swedish.

As a rule, the same instructions and the assessment of registration that apply for actual business names also apply to parallel business names.

If your company has a parallel business name, it must appear in the partnership agreement, Articles of Association, and the company rules.  Record your parallel business name in the trade register.

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Updated: 12/5/2019