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The recognition of Finnish professional qualifications abroad

If you intend to work abroad find out from the relevant authority in your destination country if your profession is regulated.  If it is, you must ask for your qualification to be recognised in accordance with the instructions given by the authorities.  Practices vary across sectors and from country to country.

If you intend to work within the EU, check the database of regulated professions in the EU as to whether your profession is regulated in the country concerned. In the database you will also find the authorities responsible for the recognition of professional qualifications. 

If you intend to work in an EU country only temporarily, a notification to the authority may be enough. However, you may need a prior check to be conducted before you start work. In such a case you may only start work when you have a permit to do so from the authorities. The process for issuing a permit can take three months.

A European Professional Card (EPC) can facilitate recognition of your qualifications in the case of some professions.

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Updated: 6/30/2020