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Producer responsibility

Under the Waste Act, manufacturers and importers of products have an obligation to organise the waste management of the products they have brought to the market at their own expense when the products are discarded. Neglecting this producer responsibility may result in a penalty payment for negligence. 

The following companies are considered producers:

  • manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment and sellers that sell equipment under their own trademark
  • parties placing batteries and accumulators on the market (such as batteries and accumulators inside vehicles and electrical equipment)
  • manufacturers and importers of passenger cars, vans or other similar vehicles and parties that import vehicles to Finland on behalf of Finnish users
  • importers, manufacturers and retreaders of tyres and importers of vehicles and equipment that have tyres
  • importers of paper products and manufacturers and importers of paper used in the manufacture of a paper product
  • packagers of products or importers of packaged products, whose turnover is at least one million euros.

You will find more information on the producer responsibility of manufacturers and importers of products in the joint online service on the environmental administration on the page Producer responsibility.

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    Updated: 2/22/2021