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Corporate environmental responsibility

Corporate environmental responsibility means that companies must be aware of and manage their environmental impact. Environmental matters can provide your business with a competitive edge that sets you apart from other businesses. 

The successful management of environmental matters requires systematic planning, control and monitoring.

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An environmentally responsible company

You need an environmental permit, if your operations can cause the risk of environmental pollution.

Management of environmental risks

Environmental risks may arise at all stages of your business operations. You should make risk management a key priority by preparing detailed plans for the process.

Energy efficiency

An energy-efficient company is able to minimise its energy use. You can use energy audits or the ESCO service when improving your energy efficiency.

Environmental management systems

By having an environmental management system, you can manage your company’s environmental matters in a comprehensive and target-oriented manner. You can also incorporate the ISO 14001 standard into the system.

Producer responsibility

Producer responsibility means that a company must organise the waste management of its products when they are no longer used by consumers.